Who is in charge?

The only true answer is you. You’re in charge of your life. You’re in charge of your thoughts and emotions. You’re in charge of your actions.

Embrace this truth and revamp the quality of your life. Say out loud:

– I’m in charge.

Hear your own voice and follow it. Only you can make it happen. But before that you have got to believe with every fiber of your being in the right answer.

Time and again ask yourself this question. It’s a positive reminder which helps you walk straight ahead the happy path.

See you!

To be present

To be present sounds deceptively simple. In truth it’ one of the hardest things for man. Try this: Close your eyes, and start following your breath. Breathe in and breathe out. Keep your attention on the breath. Your goal is simple – don’t follow the thoughts that arise in your mind, just follow your breath for tree minutes.

Now you see. Our thoughts are very powerful. They hijack our attention easily. As a result of this we are so very often here but in our mind we are somewhere else. We need to put some conscious effort to master the skill to control our attention. Only then we can be fully present and live every moment of our precious life the way it deserve to be lived – with conscious awareness.

Devote tree minutes daily to follow your breath and try to stay with it. Let your thoughts pass by. Stay in the here and in the now, and let your breath help you master the skill willingly to control your attention. Meanwhile, remember: Your life is what you focus on.

Tree minutes daily. It’s your turn.