What you are going to do when you fall?

You are strolling down the street. Suddenly, you stumble. The next thing you see is the ground. You just fell down.

It happens to everybody, right?

We fall. We get up on our feet. We beat the dust off, and we go on. The pain subsides, then vanishes completely. Ok, we may end up with a scar; no big deal. The important thing is that we don’t stay down. 

That’s a place we don’t belong to. And we know it with every fiber of our being.

When we fall, we do exactly what we are supposed to dowe get up. In situations like these, we don’t mull over it. We act on instinct.

In life, we fall too. More often than not, we gather ourselves and get up. You know what, you (including me), are going to fall time and again. The question is notAm I going to fall?“. The real question isWhen I’m going to fall?“.

The law of gravity is invisible, but it’s also inexorable.

When we hit the ground, we may feel sorry for ourselves; we may start telling stories about how unfair life is; we may blame our bad luck; we may allow the inner critic to convince us we are no good.

That’s only an option. There are other options too.

We may turn our face upwards and see the beautiful sky. The blue ocean is always there. Just look up and you’ll see it.

What a sight?

So, what you are going to do when you fall again?

Could you pour me a glass of water?

I hear this question a lot. Especially when we are having dinner. My two boys almost never miss asking for a glass of water.

I don’t mind being interrupted. Quit the opposite, I like the chance to be of service for my love ones. So for me even pouring a glass of water is an act of love and care.

When I was a kid, I used to behave the same. My father often told me:

Get up and pour yourself a glass of water. If you’re a thirsty, you know what to do.

I had asked this question countless times and got the same response repeatedly. And I never got to think or ask my father why he had chosen this answer. We just played the game.

History repeats itself.

As I already mentioned, today I get this question from my kids. And you know; I started answering it with my father’s words.


There is a sound reason behind this answer. I finally understood the lesson my father thought me when I was a little kid.

The lesson: You want something, go get it.

Nobody is going to make your dreams come true. That’s your responsibility.I wantis the first step. Taking deliberate actions is the second step.

You want a good job? You want to make more money? You want to be healthier? You want to be happier? It doesn’t matter. The basic principle is always valid:

You want something; that’s great. Now tell yourself what you’re going to do about it and do it. Go to the mirror and look at the man who is responsible for making things happen. You will see you. What a great reminder.

Today I say to my boys:

Of course you can have a glass of water. Get up and serve yourself.  

They know the story behind the answer, and we often laugh in those moments. The best thing is that I’m teaching a lesson my father thought me when I was a kid: 

You are responsible. Get up and do what you have to do to make your life better.

Know what you want, then take actions. A simple formula for success:

Knowing + Doing = Better life

It all starts with a single glass of water. 

A young boy is looking up to you

Long ago you made a decision what to do with your life. You set up an action plan and put all the efforts. Years later, you made it to the top. Today you are a star. You have fans. Many people admire you and keep a close eye on you.

Meanwhile, in a distant country, there is an eight-year-old boy who is a young soccer player. He has tremendous love for the game. He is walking the same road as you. There is only one difference between him and youhe is just starting out.

You upload photos of you on instagram. The boy’s father, who loves the game and is working hard every day to become a great soccer player, shows him how to follow you on instagram. And the first thing the boy does after waking up, is to check your profile.

The young player is looking up to you. You are his role model. You inspire him to do the work. It all comes down to love and passion you both share. 

When you make it to the top, you become a positive influencer. That’s what I think is the essence of success.

A new star is about to be born. And you play a tremendous role in this long hard process. So keep uploading photos on instagram.

An eight-year young soccer player is looking up to you. You are a positive influencer. I just want to let you know, and say:

Thank you! 

The emotional gift 

Our potential is infinite. I admire everyone who is doing one’s best to raise the bar and become a better person, professional and human being. We need these people who are hungry for growth. Their cup is full. If I’m thirsty, would you be able to help me satisfy my thirst?

It doesn’t matter how well-intentioned you are. Your cup needs to be full. Only then you can offer something of value to others.

Today a friend of mine quit his old job. He was hired by a company where he is going to do what he loves to do. I wished him luck wholeheartedly.

The change is positive, but even though, it’s a stressful event. He will go through a period of adaptation. He is about to face the unknown. Оf course, he is willingly taking some risk by leaving the well-know but too narrow comfort zone. His inner drive gives him strength and courage to take the leap.

These people who are not afraid to pursue their dreams deserve our emotional support. This much we can do, right?

We are tough, strong and resilient. However, little emotional support goes a long way. I just said to my friend:

I wish you success. You are doing the right thing.

Do you remember words of encouragement that inspired you during times of change?

Emotional support is a gift. Don’t hold it back. Give emotional gifts. Encourage.

In time, we will be seeing more and more people living their dreams, doing their best and contributing to the world. Sounds too bold? Maybe. Still I’m committed to do my share.

Do less. Do more.

“Do less. Do more” is a great reminder to focus on what really matters in life, so we can make the most of it.

Positive questions are so powerful. They can change our reality. Asking positive questions is a recipe for a better and happier life.

In this post I would like to share one of my favorites: What to do less, and what to do more?

The answers hold the key to our flourishing. Let me give you an example with health:

Are you eating more junk food than quality food? If your answer is positive, you know what to do. Start eliminating junk food and adding more quality food. In no time, you will feel better, full of energy, and your confidence will go up too. This is how I use the life-changing power of positive questions.

– Drink less coffee. Drink more water.

– Spend less time surfing the net. Spend more quality time with my family.

– Reduce non-productive work. Do more of what really enhances my career goals.

– Spend less money. Start saving for rainy days.

– Talk less. Listen more.

– Hate less. Start practicing gratitude more.

“Do less. Do more” is a great way to do regular check-ups and spot latent opportunities to make positive changes in our every day life. I find this process fascinating. I love it.

Know where you are, know where you want to be, and make small positive changes. Always move forward. Your happiness counts on you.

What you are going to do less today? What are you going to do more today?

I’m going to the gym. See you.


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